The role of Genomics and Metagenomics in Human Health

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, McGill University
- 09:34
Human evolutionary history has shaped the genetic architecture of complex trait.
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, University of California, Los Angeles
- 10:11
Inference of the mutational target size supports the omnigenic model for complex traits.
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, University of Pennsylvania
- 10:33
Performance of polygenic risk scores in diverse populations.
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, Indiana University
- 11:32
Unboxing a black box: Properties of phylogenetically-informed distances for microbiome data.
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, University of Wisconsin Madison
- 12:08
Zero-Inflated Generalized Dirichlet Multinomial (ZIGDM) Regression Model for Microbiome Compositional Data.
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, Simons Foundation
- 12:35
It’s just a matter of perspective - tuning-insensitive and robust sparse regression for microbiome data.
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, Pasteur Institute
- 14:30
Balancing complexity in inferring genetic network of multifactorial diseases.
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, University of Chicago
- 14:58
Current and future method development opportunities to understand the biology of complex traits.
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, Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research
- 15:46
Smooth modeling of covariate effects in bisulfite sequencing-derived measures of DNA methylation.
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, Harvard University
- 16:40
Dynamic Scan Procedure for Detecting Rare-Variant Association Regions in Whole Genome Sequencing Studies.
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, University Health Network/University of Toronto
- 17:48
Virtual ChIP-seq: predicting transcription factor binding by learning from the transcriptome.
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, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Institute
- 09:20
Improved Variance Component Score Tests of Marker-Environment Interactions.
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, Medical University of South Carolina
- 10:03
Racial differences in microbial and immune infiltrate in colorectal cancers.
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, National Cancer Institute
- 10:47
Estimating the overall contribution of human oral microbiome to the risk of developing cancers based on prospective studies.
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, University of Pennsylvania
- 12:13
Deep learning enables accurate clustering and batch effect removal in single-cell RNA-seq analysis.
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, Carnegie Mellon University
- 12:39
Learning from the Transcriptome: analysis of single cell and bulk RNA sequence data.
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, Brown University
- 14:30
Archaic introgression in admixed individuals.
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, Columbia University
- 15:14
Inference of population structure from time-series genotype data.
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, Johns Hopkins University
- 16:21
Leveraging Polygenic Architecture of Complex Traits to Inform Biology, Causality and Prediction.
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, University of Michigan
- 16:51
Bayesian TWAS: a causal inference approach.
Watch video | Download video: 201902051623-Wen.mp4 (127M)
, University of Chicago
- 17:24
Accounting for confounding in Mendelian randomization analyses of summary statistics from genome-wide association studies.
Watch video | Download video: 201902051653-He.mp4 (102M)
, University of Michigan
- 17:50
Controlling and Testing Horizontal Pleiotropic Effect with the Probabilistic Two- Sample Mendelian Randomization for Transcriptome Wide Association Studies.
Watch video | Download video: 201902051725-Zhou.mp4 (103M)
, Weill Cornell Medicine
- 09:36
Prediction of the impact of mutations on chromatin conformation using deep learning.
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, University of Chicago
- 10:11
Pathogen exposure and pathogen type moderate social status effects on gene regulation in adulthood
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, Pasteur Institute
- 10:46
Evolutionary genetic dissection of the genus Homo and its immune response
Watch video | Download video: 201902071012-Quintana-Murci.mp4 (110M)
, Emory University
- 11:34
Flexible Strategies for Identifying Factors Involved in Genetic or Metabolic Dysregulation.
Watch video | Download video: 201902071109-Epstein.mp4 (85M)
, Columbia University
- 12:11
Quantile Regression in the Post GWAS Secondary Phenotype Analysis.
Watch video | Download video: 201902071141-Wei.mp4 (101M)
, Duke University
- 13:24
Improved Pathogenic Variant Localization using a Hierarchical Model of Sub-regional Intolerance.
Watch video | Download video: 201902071215-Allen.mp4 (252M)
, University of Michigan
- 14:58
Determinants of differential gene expression in skeletal muscle and in adipose tissue.
Watch video | Download video: 201902071431-Scott.mp4 (109M)
, University of Rochester
- 15:56
Compositional Mediation Model for Binary Outcome.
Watch video | Download video: 201902071531-Sohn.mp4 (75M)
, University of Florida
- 16:26
Mediation analysis for zero-inflated mediators.
Watch video | Download video: 201902071557-Li.mp4 (95M)
, Washington University in Saint Louis
- 16:59
Testing mediation effect in high-dimensional compositional microbiome data.
Watch video | Download video: 201902071627-Liu.mp4 (95M)
, New York University
- 17:32
A powerful two-stage microbiome-wide association test.
Watch video | Download video: 201902071701-Li.mp4 (89M)