Emerging Statistical Challenges and Methods for Analysis of Human Microbiome Data

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, Emory University
- 09:58
Analyzing matched sets of microbiome data using the LDM and PERMANOVA (Presenter: Glen Satten)
Watch video | Download video: 201909160921-Hu.mp4 (236M)
, University Wisconsin - Madison
- 10:42
Robust and powerful differential composition tests on clustered microbiome data
Watch video | Download video: 201909161006-Tang.mp4 (200M)
, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
- 11:38
Testing Associations Between Microbiome and Other Omics Data Types
Watch video | Download video: 201909161057-Wu.mp4 (243M)
, Dalhousie University
- 09:45
Principal Component Analysis for microbiome data by correcting the measurement errors and sequencing depths
Watch video | Download video: 201909170906-Gu.mp4 (249M)
, Dalhousie University
- 12:19
Has anyone seen my plasmid? Probing the dark corners of metagenome-assembled genomes
Watch video | Download video: 201909171138-Beiko.mp4 (289M)