Participant Testimonials

Sep 30 - Oct 02, 2020

I have wanted to visit Banff for a long time, and I am very happy that it was possible to do so virtually during such a difficult time. I had not met most of the participants, and it is great that BIRS provided an opportunity to do so. Two of the speakers whom I had met previously presented their latest work, close to my own interests. There too, I am very grateful to BIRS for this research promotion, which in other years would have been done on the conference circuit. I had, previously and in person, met one of the participating grad students, who is now on the job market. After the workshop, we had a video call and I shared some of my own job materials from years past. This is the kind of networking that can be very helpful for young mathematicians, but is a lot harder to do remotely. It is great that BIRS provided a forum for this in addition to the research agenda. Thanks again! And thanks to the organizers for a job well done in face of many unusual difficulties.

Matthew De Courcy-Ireland EPFL

The BIRS virtual meeting "Combinatorial and Geometric Discrepancy" was excellent. Young lecturers presented new results of a very high level and their presentation was clear, didactic, and highly motivating. I was fascinated by the topic of Equidistribution because of my modest work on dynamic systems connected with the Riemann Hypothesis and the modular group PSL(2, Z) and, also from then Franel-Landau's theorems on Farey's series discrepancy and the Riemann Hypothesis. I really enjoyed the conference and they gave me new ideas about my work. I thank BIRS for inviting me!

Alberto Verjovsky Instituto de Matematicas, UNAM Mexico