Participant Testimonials

Oct 19 - Oct 30, 2020

Thank you for this amazing workshop, and thank you to the organizers. I am currently an M2 student in the university ENS Lyon, France. I am interested in everything touching finite groups and discrete geometry. I have not seen all the presentations, but I have been very happy with the ones that I saw. It made me discover the world of posets, tableaux, lattices (in particular, the talk of Professor Williams on lattices and independent sets of graphs attracted me). I liked this workshop, and it will probably influence my choice of research field.

Paul Meunier Mathematics, École normale supérieure de Lyon

I had a great time at the conference! Although I am relatively new to this area of combinatorics, I posed a problem about the dynamics of a combinatorial object called a fence poset which I was studying in another context. This has blossomed into a joint research venture with several of the other people attending the conference. I fully expect this to lead to a publication or two. We will be sure to thank BIRS in these articles.

Bruce Sagan Michigan State University

Given that this meeting, held in Autumn 2020, was necessarily online-only, I was prepared for it not to be as useful as other meetings I have had the pleasure of attending at BIRS. It was much better than I expected! I have begun an exciting collaboration with someone I had not worked with before, which also includes one of my former Ph.D. students, whom I am happy to be helping to connect with other people in our area. I also learned about a very interesting paper which I hope to discuss further with the person who brought it to my attention.

Hugh Thomas professor
mathématiques, Université du Québec à Montréal

This was a fantastic meeting! Having the talks every other day for a couple of hours made it possible to attend remotely while continuing with my regular schedule, and the choice of topics and speakers, with the opportunity to talk to them in breakout rooms, was perfect. A particular highlight was the poster session, which was every bit as good as real-life. It was an honor to be invited and I learned an amazing amount. Many thanks!

Steph van Willigenburg Mathematics, University of British Columbia