Geometric Inequalities, Convexity and Probability (23w6001)


(Tel-Aviv University)

Dario Cordero-Erausquin (Sorbonne Université)

Max Fathi (Universite Paris-Cité)

Boaz Klartag (Weizmann institute)

(Concordia University)


The Institute of Mathematics at the University of Granada will host the "Geometric Inequalities, Convexity and Probability" workshop at the University of Granada (IMAG) in Spain, from June 11 - 16, 2023.

Workshop Report - Click here to download

Mathematical developments of the last decades indicate that geometry of high dimensions, when viewed correctly, creates remarkable order and simplicity rather than untamed complexity. Its applications permeated the fields of analysis and probability, reaching far away domains as Theoretical Computer Science and Statistical Physics while, simultaneously, methods and techniques came from a variety of directions ranging from classical analysis and probability to dynamical systems and topological methods. Recent striking results such as the near
resolution of the Kannan, Lov\'asz and Simonovits (KLS) conjecture and the Bourgain slicing problem, the proof of the Gaussian Correlation Conjecture and
advances in concentration of measure, make ripe the timing of this workshop on the effects of convexity and probability on high-dimensional geometric phenomena. By exploiting the scientific momentum, the workshop aims to engage a new generation in exciting collaborations and research directions.

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