Childcare Services

Meals for Children
BIRS offers free meals for children (of BIRS participants) under the age of 5. Discounted meals are available for children under the age of 12. These meals are only provided at the Vistas buffet, where BIRS participants also enjoy their meals. High chairs are provided. Please note that Vistas buffet does not allow take-out meals.

Childcare Support

Limited funding is available for workshop participants travelling with children. 2-day workshop participants are not eligible to receive childcare support.

**Please be advised that BIRS requires pre-approval for day care support** Requests must be placed at least six weeks prior to the start of the workshop and may require up to two weeks for processing. Approved participants will receive partial support, based on availability of funding, after the workshop ends and upon submission of receipts and valid proof of payment.

Participants should contact BIRS staff [email protected] for pre-approval and further details. Support is not guaranteed and is subject to availability of resources.

Applicants can request ONE of the following support options:

Support Option 1: Partial reimbursement for hiring individual child-care providers on the Banff Centre premises.

BIRS day care support will only cover the duration of the workshop, and extends to day care providers hired by workshop participants to care for their children on the Banff Centre premises. Such hires should be made at the sole discretion of the participating guardian(s). BIRS is not affiliated with any service providers and cannot make arrangements on behalf of a participant, nor does it accept liability if terms of service are not met. A list of daycare providers appears at the bottom of this page.

Participants interested in this option should contact and make arrangements with a day care service provider and then submit a childcare support request to BIRS. The request must include your reason for requesting support and a quote from the service provider. Requests must be received by [email protected] at least 6 weeks before the workshop start date.

Support Option 2: Coverage of daily meals for accompanying care-giver (family member or external)

BIRS can provide meals for an accompanying adult caregiver at Vistas Buffet (the same venue where BIRS participants have their meals), starting with dinner on Sunday and ending with lunch on Friday. Meals consumed at any other location or during travel cannot be reimbursed. Take-out meals are not available. Participants interested in this option should submit a request to [email protected] for pre-approval with information about the accompanying care-giver at least 6 weeks before the workshop start date.

Other costs to be aware of:

Costs associated with additional room requests or room upgrades for accompanying children, adult guests and/or care-givers cannot be covered by BIRS. Participants of BIRS programs are currently housed either at the PDC (Professional Development Centre) or Lloyd Hall, located on the Banff Centre campus. Please note that each room contains one queen bed or one king size bed (bed size cannot be guaranteed).

Participants with accompanying children, adult guest or care-giver can pay for an upgrade fee with the Banff Centre directly to get an additional room, a 2-bed bedroom or a suite by contacting 1-800-884-7574 or email [email protected]. Such costs are not eligible for reimbursement. Please consider making such reservations early, as accommodation at the Banff Centre is in high demand all year round. If your request for an upgrade is unsuccessful, please consider joining the waitlist for an upgrade and booking an extra 1-bedded room in the meantime. A larger room may become available closer to the workshop date. BIRS does not handle either the room requests or the financial transactions, but recommends that participants obtain an electronic copy of their reservation confirmation from the Banff Centre prior to arrival to ensure a smooth check-in.

Note that participants with an accompanying adult and child will require a room upgrade for a comfortable stay. Please ensure a room upgrade is booked with the Banff Centre (info below) at your earliest convenience.

Childcare service providers:

For more information, please contact: