Announcement About Live Video Streaming

Posted on Mon, Apr 02 2012 13:26:00

Dear colleagues and friends of BIRS,

Last fall, BIRS relocated its meeting space to the beautiful TransCanada Pipelines Pavilion, a building now used exclusively for BIRS scientific activities at the Banff Centre. We are now pleased to make our new physical meeting space accessible to the scientific community in virtual space, via live video streaming and high quality video recordings, produced by a state-of-the-art automated video production system.

BIRS participants now have the ability to record and broadcast their lectures at the touch of a button, and we encourage all lecturers to make use of this opportunity to contribute their talk. We have been testing automated recording for the past few weeks, and the vast majority have opted in. You can watch their lectures live on the BIRS website, at: Recordings will also appear on the BIRS home page a few minutes after the lecture ends.

Details about how to effectively use the BIRS live stream, including the schedule for upcoming talks, can be found at the following URL:

Many thanks to all past and future contributors to this important new resource for the world's scientific community.

Nassif Ghoussoub, FRSC
Scientific Director, Banff International Research Station
Professor of Mathematics, The University of British Columbia