Complex Data Structures (05w5504)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Saturday, April 9 and departing Thursday April 14, 2005


(Duke University)

(University of Toronto)

Jamie Stafford (University of Toronto)

(University of Waterloo)


Proposed Format and Strategic Planning

The format for the workshop will be informal to encourage discussion, interaction and cross-fertilization, among the above overlapping themes. We envisage two sessions a day (morning and afternoon) composed of two or three presentations with discussion leaders. Emphasis will be placed on a report (scientific article(s)) of research findings for each NPCDS project, and the presentation and exposure of open problems both with extensive discussion and strategic planning. It is expected that the presence of members of other projects will add substantially to the discussion and research impetus of individual projects. Individual team leaders will have the liberty to organize workshop activity revolving around their projects over the course of approximately one day. They may invite international expertise, especially from individuals that have experience in leading similar initiatives. SAMSI will be able to facilitate this international interaction. Poster sessions will run throughout to permit the presentation of graduate student and post-doctoral research.

Participants will have the opportunity to arrive prepared and hence contribute substantially to discussions. Project leaders will create reading lists to supplement their presentations and to give members of other projects the opportunity to become familiar with their problem areas and points of contact . In addition, project leaders will lead the presentation and discussion of open problems, with the aim of capitalizing on the statistical expertise of other projects. A template for sessions to encourage networking may include these components: 1. Project Report: presentation of scientific findings with emphasis on graduate and post graduate training, any SAMSI interactions, existing linkages

2. Open Problems: presentation and discussion of open problems, possible invited plenary lecture, possible report from similar initiatives perhaps at SAMSI

3. Strategic Planning:discussion of potential strategic initiatives, training enhancement, industrial and partnership opportunities, potential funding opportunities including MITACS, exploration of mutually beneficial cooperation with SAMSI initiatives, growth and impact.