Participant Testimonials

Apr 09 - Apr 11, 2010

I think the people from BIRS are doing an outstanding job. Banff is the perfect place to do mathematics, the food was great the outdoors were unbelievable. I am looking forward to going to another conference in BIRS.

Jose Gomez Mathematics, University of British Columbia

The BIRS workshop "Cascade Topology" provided me a chance to keep up with recent developments in various branches of topology. The recent solution of the Arf-Kervaire Invariant problem was one of the 6 talks in the program. It was of particular interest to me, since the problem is closely related to my ongoing joint research work with professor D. Randall at Loyola University. (In fact I had provided Professor Randall a description of the content of the talks by telephone immediately after my return from Banff to Vancouver.)

Kee Yuen Lam Emeritus Professor
Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia