Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest Workshop (10w2174)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Friday, November 26 and departing Sunday November 28, 2010


(Concordia University of Edmonton)

Valeria Pandelieva (Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest)

(University of Toronto)


The workshop is intended to mathematicians who are contest coordinators or who are interested in joining us. The objectives are to share experiences and have discussions on:
- organizing training sessions in all participating cities as well as prepare and comment training material;
- running math clubs and groups: to this moment, only few centers such as Edmonton and Toronto are running math clubs at a regular basis. We would like to talk about this important activity as well as discuss math clubs schedule and contents;
- enhancement of the Canadian Math Kangaroo Website, in particular the administrator's system, as well as its maintenance: we need to hear the opinion of the local administrators who are using the system in order to decide what to improve;
- financial matters: how to financially support our activities;
- organizational matters: pre-contest activities, contest day, post-contest activities;
- expanding the competition locally and nationally;
- informing the community about our program by hosting workshops and seminars for teachers and educators;
- get together national and local coordinators as well as meet new coordinators and help them in the organization of the contest in their city/school;
- sending Canadian winners in Europe to participate in math camps and organize math camps in Canada for winners from Canada and other countries (USA, Mexico, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, and others);
- others: a small team of three participants needs to coordinate the questions for the 2011 Math Kangaroo contest. For this purpose, we would like to extend their stay in BIRS with an additional day, either before or after the workshop.
In order to achieve our objectives, the workshop will consist of three sessions, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. The participants who have been involved in the organization of the Math Kangaroo contest will share their experience with others. These presentations will be followed by discussions. New coordinators will be able to learn how to run the Math Kangaroo contest and related activities. Those coordinators, who were previously involved, will share experiences and ideas.