Creative Writing in Mathematics and Science (10w5057)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, May 2 and departing Friday May 7, 2010


(University of Victoria)

(Smith College)


Our main goals are to continue to expand and encourage the small community of writers actively seeking to engage the larger public in mathematics and science in a broadly creative way, and to increase and strengthen cooperation between BIRS and the Banff Center's Writing and Publishing program, to the benefit of both. Achievements of previous BIRS/Banff workshops include, in addition to publications of individual participants, the well-attended public reading in Max Bell Hall in June 2006 , and playwright Ellen Maddow's math-laced music comedy "Delicious Rivers", written in collaboration with Marjorie Senechal and performed at La Mama Cafe in New York and at Smith College in 2006. The writing of twenty past workshop participants is showcased in "The Shape of Content", an anthology of creative writing in mathematics and science. The Shape of Content, edited by the three co-organizers of the third workshop, was published by A.K. Peters Ltd. in November, 2008. The workshop is timely: public interest shows no sign of abating.