Multivariate Operator Theory (10w5081)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, August 15 and departing Friday August 20, 2010


(University of Waterloo)

(Texas A & M University)

Joerg Eschmeier (Universitat des Saarlandes)

(University of California at Santa Barbara)


The interplay between the ideas and methods from operator theory and functional analysis with methods and ideas from function theory, commutative algebra and algebraic, analytic and complex geometry gives the field a strong interdisciplinary character. Moreover, the results obtained in operator have depended on extending and developing the techniques and ideas from the other fields. Further, the questions raised and results obtained in operator theory have cross-fertilized the other areas. In summary, the main goal for the workshop is to bring together leading researchers and young mathematicians from multivariate operator theory along with experts from related areas to survey, consolidate and extend the many advances in the field over the past two decades.