Participant Testimonials

Sep 19 - Sep 24, 2010

I got together over coffee with one of the participants, with whom I've never collaborated before, and figured out that we can substantially generalize a result he had presented from a recent paper. I expect this to become a new joint paper. Aside from that, I heard some very interesting talks which gave me some interesting ideas. I furthermore received very positive feedback on the talk I had presented, with several participants suggesting various follow-up problems, other angles and connections with other problems I had not considered, which can certainly start new research projects. So all in all, I was very pleased with the workshop, and I certainly hope and look forward to participating in future workshops at BIRS again.

Ilan Hirshberg Mathematics, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

...BIRS workshop "Classification of amenable C*-algebras" has allowed me to meet leading researchers on my field of interest and to exchange interesting ideas with them. I would like to thank BIRS and the organizers for putting together the workshop and inviting me...

Cristian Ivanescu Mathematics, Grant MacEwan University

The workshop exposed its participants to the newest developments in a relatively long-standing direction of research. I have not previously been active myself in this area, but I perceived clearly that breakthroughs are happening at the moment. I certainly got fresh insight into the nature of certain questions and in particular how to answer them, and I've gotten inspiration to look into problems related to my research.

Nadia S. Larsen Mathematics, University of Oslo

The workshop is fantastic and stimulating. Got some new ideas, and hope they will lead to new results. There might be new collaborations, although it is still in a very early stage.

Zhuang Niu Memorial University

I think the program was really excellent. This subject is continuing in a very lively fashion and there were lots of stimulating talks from the world experts. I was also impressed by both the number and quality of talks by young people. I can't answer part two from my own experience, but I think this must have had a very positive effect for young people.

Ian Putnam Mathematics & Statistics, University of Victoria

The workshop impacts my personal research a lot. I met several people whose important and interesting papers I had read before but never personally met. I made many new contacts and will pursue my research in the classification of amenable C*-algebras.

Hannes Thiel Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen