Almost periodic order: spectral, dynamical, and stochastic approaches (11w5062)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, September 25 and departing Friday September 30, 2011


(University of Bielefeld)

(Rice University)

(Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)


As discussed in the previous section, recent years have seen tremendous progress in the study of almost periodic order in various aspects. This has settled some basic questions. In this way, it has opened up the way to new directions of research, concerning, for example, mixed diffraction spectra and quantum transport in higher dimensions. At the same time, methods from statistical mechanics and point processes have entered the field whose actual potential is far from being exhausted. The field is thus at a critical point with a deep need for

- recent developments to be communicated and put in perspective

- roads to answering the next fundamental questions to be discussed.

This is the aim of the proposed workshop. In fact, earlier conferences bringing together the field as those at the Fields Institute (1995), Oberwolfach (1998, 2001, 2004), Les Houches (1994, 1998), Luminy (2002), and Banff (2004) were very successful. The proposed workshop would be of a similar kind.

The list of participants has been drawn up with these goals in mind, aiming to bring together some of the best people in the subject from across the range of disciplines and methods involved. Given the remarkably high acceptance rate for the previous events mentioned above, we can be confident of considerable interest in the workshop.

In order to foster the interaction between the participants, we plan to keep a tight rein on the number of talks, providing ample time for discussion. We furthermore intend to have one afternoon session where the participants are given the opportunity to present open problems.