Participant Testimonials

Oct 30 - Nov 04, 2011

The workshop was really excellent, with a focus that was narrow enough to provide real opportunities for research synergy but broad enough that one was not seeing "the same people, one always sees." The talks of Rotger and Darmon suggested a research project that I could undertake with them, and with a postdoctoral collaborator, Kirsten Wickelgren.

Jordan Ellenberg Mathematics, University of Wisconsin

The workshop has exceeded my expectations. The program was carefully thought out, balanced current results with some background material and was of exceptionally high level altogether. A mixture of current results and recent work were reported which informed me and broadened my understanding of the current state of the field. I returned home inspired by the great mathematics I have learned. The facilities and staff were, as always, superb. It remains to congratulate BIRS and the organizers for once again putting together a great workshop

Eyal Goren Professor
Mathematics and Statistics, McGill University

One of the main topic of the workshop was strongly connected with my recent work and thus the impact of this week on my research has been great and wide. I heard about many related topics and see what people are currently doing in related areas. I also met other matematicians and started thinking about a possibile collaboration with one of them.

Matteo Longo Dr.
Mathematics, Universita' di Padova

During the workshop I got to talk to some of the people working in similar areas as my own. Apart from talking and working with current collaborators, I got the chance to start working in a new project with another participant. Hopefully this will yield some exciting results in the future!

Marc Masdeu Ritt Assistant Professor
Mathematics, Columbia University