Participant Testimonials

Jul 13 - Jul 15, 2012

I found the event extremely interesting and helpful, primarily for three reasons. Firstly, the technical presentations from experts in their respective areas gave me a lot of new ideas, some of which I am certain I will be able to consolidate through collaborations. Secondly, this was an extremely useful networking event that gave me the chance to meet important female figures in the IEEE community. Finally, I just had a really great time!

Arsenia Chorti Electrical Engineering, Princeton University

My participation in the BIRS workshop allowed me to make important contacts with people from my research area, as well as to be able to get significant insights of their current areas of research which provides me new interesting ideas for my job. Also the contacts I made during the workshop may help me through my career with postdoc opportunities or joint projects.

Cristina Gomez Santamaria Information and Communications Technologies, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana-Colombia