Early Years Spatial Reasoning: Learning and Teaching

Arriving Friday, November 23 and departing Sunday November 25, 2012

Confirmed Participants

Name Affiliation
Andrews, Heather University of Calgary
Bruce, Cathy 1. Bruce, Catherine, Trent University (Canada), School of Education & Professional Learning
D'Amour, Lissa University of Calgary
Davis, Brent Werklund School of Education
Doolittle, Edward First Nations University of Canada
Drefs, Michelle University of Calgary
Flynn, Tara Trent University
Francis, Krista University of Calgary
Gerofsky, Susan University of British Columbia
Hagen, Pam PhD Candidate & Elementary educator
Hawes, Zack University of Toronto
Jackiw, Nicholas KCP Technologies
Kaur, Harpreet Simon Fraser University
Kotsopoulos, Donna Wilfred Laurier University, Mathematics and Faculty of Education
Lamadrid González, Patricia CINVESTAV
LeFevre, Jo-Anne Carleton University
McGarvey, Lynn University of Alberta
Moss, Joan University of Toronto
Preciado Babb, Armando Paulino University of Calgary
Ruttenberg, Robyn York University
Sinclair, Nathalie Simon Fraser University
Tepylo, Diane University of Toronto
Thom, Jennifer University of Victoria
Thomas, Kevin York University
Towers, Jo University of Calgary
Twyman, Alexandra University of Western Ontario
Winters, Katie University of Calgary