Participant Testimonials

Oct 21 - Oct 26, 2012

I think it is rather the participants obligation to say thanks to the organization for the kind hospitality which resulted not only a pleasant week in a beautiful surrounding, but also provided us a fruitful period of time to inform each other about results we reached recently in this field and gave us opportunity to discuss possible promising directions of further investigations. I am convinced that this opinion reflects not only my personal feelings, I am sure it is shared by the other participants of the workshop as well as. If the other BIRS-workshops are nearly as successful as our turned out to be then you can be duly satisfied.

Aladar Heppes Geometry, Renyi Institute

I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend this workshop which gave me the opportunity to meet old acquaintances, Heppes and Borosczky, and discussing interesting open problems with them as well as hearing much new mathematics and having the opportunity to discuss these with others.

Richard Pollack Mathematics, Courant Institute of Mathematics

It's a great pleasure for me to thank you for my stay at BIRS. It is very useful to meet people with the same interests as myself. This may sound a highly trivial statement, but it isn't since I'm almost the only one in Scandinavia in the field defining the conference.I had many interesting discussions there and the inspiration received has still not worn out; I'm just now looking into a brand new idea for a solution, at least in low-dimensional cases, of a problem (called Sierksma's Dutch cheese problem) which is strongly related to one of the main themes of the conference.

Helge Tverberg Mathematics, University of Bergen