Participant Testimonials

May 13 - May 18, 2012

The BIRS workshop will impact my research in many aspects. In addition to contribute to my current field of interest, it opened new possibilities along with new collaborations.

Fernando Duda Mechanical Engineering, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

The workshop brought to my attention a new aspect of the mathematical treatment of turbulence that will be part of my research in the next future. Moreover, I had the opportunity to meet people who worked on fluid models with an approach complimentary to mine; with one of them I started a collaboration.

Giulio Giusteri Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington

This workshop gave me a chance to meet with many well-known people in this field. I discussed with these people about the future direction of my research and got great advices and comments from them. I think that I will have many new outcomes based on this workshop in the future.

Tae-Yeon Kim Mechanical Engineering, McGill University

The workshop stimulated me in continuing with the topic on which I gave a presentation and it gave me some useful directions of further research. The informal way in which the workshop was held is a very good way to stimulate interaction between the participants. There was ample time for discussions during and between the presentations. Since the presentations could also be followed by others through the video stream, I also got useful and stimulating comments from non-participants.

Hans Kuerten Mechanical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology

The BIRS workshop has been a great experience for me. I could present my latest research results to a group of people closely connected to it. This is not the case in many conferences. In this sense, I think it is a great idea to organize this kind of meetings. On the other hand, I met and shared experiences and impressions with people that I already knew but also with some others that I just knew by their names. So, for me this gathering has been a great opportunity to make new contacts. I am sure that this will positively influence my ongoing and future research.

F.Xavier Trias Connections Between Regularized and Large-Eddy Simulation Methods for Turbulence
Heat and Mass Transfer Technological Center, Technical University of Catalonia

It was great to know what the leading experts in the field are working on, and so the current hot topics. The station provides also a good working environment.

Gantumur Tsogtgerel Mathematics and Statistics, McGill University

I think that the Banff Centre is a magnificent institution which give great opportunities for people to refresh their minds in order to get re-inspired.

C.W.M. van der Geld Mechanical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology