Participant Testimonials

Nov 04 - Nov 09, 2012

The meeting was extremely well organised and the new results and new insight will have a good impact on our research. New contacts were definitely made which will lead to further interactions. The meeting helped also my ex-PhD student in deveoping his own future and interactions and I am delighted about this.

Charles Williamson Professor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University

To my opinion the workshop was very useful for me. I heard many new interesting results which impact my and my colleagues research. I met the scientists whom I had not known before and we started our contacts. I hope that we will do together with some of them in future. I do not think, that the workshop affect my job prospects, my student's or my postdoc now, but it may happen later. I heard the talks with the applications of the things which I know to problems which I considered very far from them.

Sergey Dobrokhotov Professor
A.Ishlinsky Institute for Problem in Mechanics of Russ.Academy of Sciences

The Workshop was well conceived, bringing together people in fields that are different yet similar enough for meaningful and indeed useful connections to develop. I enjoyed several enlightening conversations, as well as the lectures. The surroundings are magnificent, the accommodation is comfortable, the food is superb, and all the Banff Centre staff were unfailingly helpful.

Michael Berry Professor
Physics, University of Bristol, U.K.

A great workshop in a magnificent research facility: compliment to the organizers!

Davide Bigoni Professor
Mechanical Engineering, University of Trento

This workshop was a great experience for me. I got to know many great colleagues whom I had not met before: I knew only two of the attendees previously. I received very good feedback on my talk and enjoyed many of the other talks. The video system was really impressive, especially the lecture being posted so soon after being recorded.

Michael Overton Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University

It was a superb week at BIRS. I enjoyed it a lot and I am very grateful for all the new colleagues I was able to get in contact with. Moreover, my personal research activities were greatly influenced, so much that even my PhD students here in Germany will feel it! Thank you for this wonderful week!

Carsten Trunk Prof. Dr. (Director of the Institute for Mathematics at TU Ilmenau)
Institut fuer Mathematik, TU Ilmenau

Yes, I have benefited by the workshop very much. The program covered rather interdisciplinary subjects. I could lean many new things. I could also start interactions with researches of different disciplines.

Zensho Yoshida Professor
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, Department of Advanced Energy, University of Tokyo