Participant Testimonials

Mar 11 - Mar 16, 2012

A lot of talks were very interesting and informative for me. I have met several people interested in the theory of Elliptic algebras (I worked at this theory during ten years, see Russ.Math.Surveys 57 (2002) 6 or arXiv:math/0303021 for a survey). I have made an informal talk for them and we had a lot of discussions. When I returned to elliptic algebras (preparing to my informal talk and during our discussions) I realized that there are some possible directions of research there and I plan to start these research.

Alexander Odesskii Dr.
Mathematics, Brock University

This conference was very influential for me to learn many subjects related to my area but not exactly the same area. In particular, results from a view of representation and non-compact symplectic varieties were impressive for me. Bedies these, I was happy to hear from Doctor Gunnar Magnusson (a participant) that my talk is also applicable to construct non-K\"ahler manifolds of intertesting nature. This was very impressive for me, as I never thought about applications in such directions.

Keiji Oguiso Professor
Graduate School of Science, Departmenrt of Mathematics, Osaka University