Participant Testimonials

Sep 20 - Sep 22, 2013

Thanks to Michael and Zongpeng for organising and to BIRS for setting up the stage for this exciting and intimate gathering. I am really glad to have attended this workshop. The workshop went very smoothly and we had some really good discussions. One of my favourite features about this setting was that we really got a chance to appreciate the intricacies involved each other's works, which is usually not possible in a much larger workshop or conference. I also got some new ideas and future directions for my own research based on the interactions we had.

Mayank Bakshi Postdoctoral Fellow
Institute of Network Coding, Chinese University of Hong Kong

I really enjoyed the workshop, I had the opportunity to meaningfully interact with colleagues on a number of research problems in a great environment, thanks for making this possible!

Christina Fragouli IC ARNI, EPFL / UCLA

This was a very nice workshop. I have got some new ideas from the presentations. Several excellent presentations were very inspiring. Also I got to know several people who work in this area and we might have further discussion in the future. Thanks to the BIRS and the hard working organizers who gave us the nice workshop.

Yaochen Hu Electrical and Computing Engineering, University of Alberta