Participant Testimonials

Apr 28 - May 03, 2013

This was a great workshop in a fantastic place. Congratulations to Tucker and George for putting together a great program. The facilities and staff are first-rate at BIRS so congratulations to you as well. I know many participants hope to return for another workshop in the near future.

Joel Bowman Emory University

it was a great experience. the stuff was extremely organized and professional. the facility is first class, and the food was great! thanks you for your service, we had a great time.

Hua Guo Chemistry and Chemical Biology, University of New Mexico

A main goal of this workshop was to bring together theoretical chemists and mathematicians who are interested in molecular quantum dynamics to exchange information. It was highly successful in doing this. Chemists learned of recent mathematical results from mathematicians and mathematicians learned what problems are important to chemists, and what the state of the art in chemistry is. Several participants have sent me e-mails commenting on how successful this workshop was in bringing the two groups together. I presented a talk on a simple mathematical model for molecular Rayleigh and Raman scattering. Chemist Todd Martinez (one of the chemistry participants) has worked on this subject from a chemistry perspective, and he had several questions for me that have caused me to do further analysis of the problem. I have also had subsequent e-mail communication with William Miller that will change my future work on this subject. I have also met several times with Edward Valeev (another chemistry participant) since the workshop. He and I have discussed what we have learned from Todd Martinez and William Miller, and we have discussed the further analysis and future directions to be pursued. He and I have also discussed other topics we learned about during the workshop. One of Ed's comments a few days ago was, "It's fun to discover connections between ideas. It's amazing how much we can learn from one another." The venue was spectacular, and the staff support was the best I've experienced in a very long time. (I was an organizer.) Everything went very smoothly. Thank you!

George Hagedorn Department of Mathematics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

The joint meeting of scientist working mathematics and theoretical chemistry inspired very interesting discussions quite different from the more routine communication in "conventional" workshops or conferences. Everything was perfectly organized!

Uwe Manthe Department of Chemistry, Bielefeld University

The workshop was very good. It allowed me to present to people who work in related areas to the topic of my presentation our work that perhaps went unnoticed previously. Advantages and disadvantages of different methods could be discussed with their developers. I cannot say new project/collaborations originated from the workshop, but possibilities thereof were discussed and it is possible there will be new work resulting from the workshop.

Sergei Manzhos Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore