Interactions of gauge theory with contact and symplectic topology in dimensions 3 and 4 (13w5037)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, March 24 and departing Friday March 29, 2013


Denis Auroux (University of California, Berkeley)

(McMaster University)

Olivier Collin (Université du Quebec à Montréal)

(Georgia Institute of Technology)


The proposed workshop is a follow-up event to the well received BIRS workshops we organized in March 2007 (Interactions of Geometry and Topology in Low Dimensions: BIRS 07w5033), March 2009 (Interactions of Geometry and Topology in dimensions 3 and 4: BIRS 09w5095), and March 2011 (Interactions between contact/symplectic topology and gauge theory in dimensions 3 and 4: BIRS 11w5085). These events were hugely successful in many respects, as discussions among participants were not only informative but also led to new results and fruitful collaborations. All three previous workshops had waiting lists of people wishing to attend, and we expect interest in the currently proposed workshop to be even greater. Indeed, the wealth of recent results in the field shows that this area of mathematics is developing at a very fast pace, and we are very confident that the progress over the next two years will lead to another important and productive meeting. The workshop will bring together a diverse group of mathematicians. Among the invited participants are experts working in 3- and 4-manifold topology and their invariants arising from gauge theory, contact and symplectic topology. While some of the leading experts in each area are expected to attend the workshop, a special emphasis will be placed on including post-doctoral researchers and current Ph.D. students. The schedule will include five 50-minute talks each day -- except for Wednesday where only half a day will be scheduled -- with time in the late afternoons and evenings left open for informal discussions, collaborations, and problem sessions.