Rules of protein-DNA recognition: computational and experimental advances

Videos from BIRS Workshop

, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
- 11:10
A crucial role for specific minor groove hydration in DNA binding site recognition by proteins
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, Bases Moléculaires et Structurales des Systemes Infectieux
- 15:01
Using molecular simulation to probe DNA recognition mechanisms
Watch video | Download video: 201306171432-Lavery.mp4 (71M)
, Kyushu Institute of Technology
- 15:58
Quantifying the Direct and Indirect Readout Specificities in Protein-DNA Recognition
Watch video | Download video: 201306171532-Sarai.mp4 (59M)
, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
- 17:08
Combining electrostatic and geometric approaches to uniquely characterize DNA binding interfaces
Watch video | Download video: 201306171637-Mandel-Gutfreund.mp4 (80M)
, Washington University in St. Louis
- 09:44
Measuring, modeling and predicting specificity of protein-DNA interactions
Watch video | Download video: 201306180904-Stormo.mp4 (109M)
, UMass Medical School
- 16:19
Bacterial one-hybrid analysis of the recognition potential of Cys2His2 Zinc Fingers and Homeodomains
Watch video | Download video: 201306191543-Wolfe.mp4 (120M)
, Princeton University
- 17:07
Cross your fingers, hope to bind
Watch video | Download video: 201306191637-Noyes.mp4 (95M)
, Texas A&M University - Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine
- 11:25
Interplay between structured and intrinsically disordered regions of Ubx instigates and stabilizes context-specific functions
Watch video | Download video: 201306201050-Bondos.mp4 (94M)
, Columbia University
- 14:02
New structural insights into protein-DNA recognition derived from high-resolution analysis of the intrinsic sequence preferences of DNase I
Watch video | Download video: 201306201334-Bussemaker.mp4 (66M)
, University of California
- 14:50
TIRF-PBM: a new tool to investigate how protein interactions direct transcription binding
Watch video | Download video: 201306201414-Reich.mp4 (115M)
, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
- 17:44
Motif models for RNA-binding proteins
Watch video | Download video: 201306201713-Morris.mp4 (75M)