Participant Testimonials

Nov 03 - Nov 08, 2013

Since this was a very focused mini workshop, each talk was interesting to me and will impact on my (and indirectly my students') research. Of course, there was also a bit of networking, both advertising my department's students and postdocs and learning about such folks elsewhere. Together with 3 others, I also proved a new result answering a published question.

Steffen Lempp Professor
Mathematics, University of Wisconsin--Madison

The BIRS Workshop on Computable Model Theory was wonderful. The talks were good and it was incredibly helpful to have so many colleagues gathered together in one place. It is too early to tell where some of the research collaborations will lead, but it is certain that they would not have even started without the BIRS workshop. Thanks for all the work keeping BIRS running. It is a fantastic resource for the mathematical community.

David Reed Solomon Mathematics, University of Connecticut