Participant Testimonials

Jan 13 - Jan 18, 2013

The participation in the BIRS workshop impact on current research; no new results were obtained during the workshop, bu many new ideas! Possibly new collaborations.

Vivina Barutello Dipartimento di Matematica, University of Torino (Italy)

This was an absolutely great meeting! I enjoyed every minute of it, and I have heard similar comments from other participants too. Not only that I learned a lot from it, but I also started to work on two new problems, one with Cristina Stoica and Holger Dullin, and the other with Ernesto Pérez-Chavela. While with Ernesto and Cristina I worked in the past, Holger is a new collaborator. It is unlikely that these opportunities would have occurred under other circumstances than this meeting. I am therefore very pleased to have been there. The atmosphere for top research was outstanding. Thank you for leading BIRS and making it one of the top research places in mathematics in the entire world.

Florin Diacu Mathematics and Statistics, University of Victoria

The workshop was amazingly pleasant and useful. The organization in the BIRS is extremely good and allowed us to focus completely on scientific matters, in a very friendly way. Lectures and discussions were fruitful in bringing and sharing ideas. Personally, I believe I got new ideas for starting at least two new research projects. On the most materialistic level, everybody was impressed by the organization and helpfulness of the BIRS staff, by the quality of meals, by the landscape, by the wifi in particular.

Jacques Féjoz CEREMADE, Universite Paris-Dauphine

It was a great week at BIRS. I worked up to now on subjects peripherical to the N-body problem. Now I am more or less up to date concerning the state of the art. This will be helpful for supervising one of my PhD students. On the other hand, a colleague and I discussed at BIRS and already started a new research project. Thanks!

Andreas Knauf Mathematics, Erlangen-Nuremberg University

Thank you very much for providing excellent opportunity and conditions to the workshop on Celestial Mechanics which was hold last week at BIRS. It is an excellent conference with many interesting talks, and is an excellent opportunity for experts to communicate with each other. It is my great pleasure to thank you and all of your staff members in BIRS for their excellent works.

Yiming Long Chern Institute of Mathematics, Nankai University

I got more ideas in the 4 days I spent at this 5 day workshop than I do in a typical 4 months period at my home institution. I had numerous conversations, initiated at least one, and likely two collaborations, and am considering organizing a similar workshop in several years. The structure of having two afternoons free, with evening talks was inspired.

Richard Montgomery professor
Mathematics, University of California, Santa Cruz

It is a pleasure for me to confirm that I found the conference very interesting and stimulating. From discussions with colleagues I had a new occasion of collaboration that I hope will be fruitful.

Gabriella Pinzari Mathematics, University 'Roma Tre'

This is a wonderful and effective workshop in terms of new collaborations and new perspectives. Two new research projects will start and a new result is discovered. By discussing with some best experts in the field, some new questions are raised and some unexpected inputs are given. This is just an intensive five-day workshop with many exciting topics. In addition, the Banff center itself is an amazing place with lots of unique events. In the free afternoon on January 16, it gave me a chance to attend some dance and music events which are so great. It is a "short" afternoon I never forget.

Zhifu Xie Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Virginia State University

I'm very lucky to be able to attend this workshop "New Perspectives on the $N$-body Problem". During the meeting, the other professors' talks gave me a lot of inspiration. Some methods I have learned from the meeting may be applied to my own research work. Moreover, inspired by other teachers, I can study some new and interesting problems. At the same time, I am very lucky to get personal guidance from many famous professors, which is beneficial to me for all my life. In particular, I would like to thank one of the organizers of the workshop Susanna Terracini, who gave me the chance to learn from many famous professors face to face. I also want to thank the Banff Center to provide the accommodation.

Xiaoxiao Zhao Sichuan University