Participant Testimonials

Jan 27 - Feb 01, 2013

I'd like to join you in commending the fantastic organizational efforts of Professors Goldman, Peters, Sottile, including your amazing staff and facilities . The workshop was very productive, as it brought together and provided me the rare opportunity to interface with my peers from all over the world, and also to renew some very old friendships. Thank you sincerely, for all that BIRS is doing to further research in the mathematical sciences. These meetings are invaluable!

Chandrajit Bajaj Computer Science, University of Texas at Austin

My participation in the BIRS workshop did impact my current research. The workshop participants included a very interesting mixture of theoretical algebraic geometers and applied geometric modelers. As a result, I obtained very positive feedback on my talk at the conference including several important questions that I plan to address in the future. I am trained originally as an algebraic geometer so the possibility to interact with many people in the applied sciences was also very fruitful. I was able to understand better the problems as they arise in applications. I also met several new contacts that I would not have had otherwise. The location of the institute is just amazing. It really inspires you to work harder. Being surrounded by nature fills the spirit with joy and energy to engage in new and ambitious projects.

Luis García-Puente Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Sam Houston State University

It provides a broader perspective to the field and gave me an updated view of where things stand in algebraic geometry.

Ming Lin Parker Distinguished Professor
Computer Science, University of North Carolina

This was a great workshop at a great place. Probably, one or two new collaborations will result from that meeting.

Ulrich Reif Prof. Dr.
Mathematics, TU Darmstadt

One very attractive characteristic of this workshop was that it aimed from the very beginning to being inclusive - include researchers who were "users" of the algebraic-geometric techniques and results, or who faced specific problems motivated by concrete (practical or mathematical) questions, alongside with "specialists" in the pure, mathematical territory. So it felt easy and natural to ask questions. I learn a lot, sometimes from informal discussions at dinner or during coffee breaks with the participants. One comment from a participant led to a connection I was not aware of, another gave a natural motivation for why the study of certain objects is so important, while the "applied" speakers pointed out important research problems from other fields that rely on algebraic geometry, or that pose new questions of this nature. It has been a fascinating week! I came back with a load of new ideas and contacts with people whom I would be able to consult with, for that direction of my own research that needs more algebraic-geometric insights.

Ileana Streinu Professor
Computer Science, Smith College