Participant Testimonials

Aug 25 - Aug 30, 2013

This is early to say something about the outcome, but we started a promising discussion with S. Shadrin in Banff. I think in general the workshop has been successful to exchange new ideas with the many participants, and get updated. Two years ago, I attended the workshop New Recursion Formulae and Integrablity for Calabi-Yau Spaces (11w5114) and after the talk of H. Fuji, the intense discussions with B. Eynard and M. Marino at the workshop have led two of us to propose a conjecture (arxiv:math-ph/1205.2261, submitted to Quantum Topology) concerning the asymptotics of the colored Jones polynomial of hyperbolic knots correcting and completing the work of Fuji et al.

Gaëtan Borot Max Planck Institut fuer Mathematik

Very well-organized workshop in beautiful environment. Will affect my work as PostDoc with one of the organizers.

Thomas Bothner Mathematical Sciences, IUPUI

I benefited a lot from the lectures and discussions with the workshop participants. I will see if some of the ideas I had during the workshop can be made into real research projects.

Dawei Chen Mathematics, Boston College

The workshop in Banff on Integrable systems and Moduli spaces was extremely fruitful. And the services offered by BIRS was impeccable. Through you I would like to thank BIRS for extending all out supports to make the workshop successful.

Syed Chowdhury Mathematics and Statistics, Concordia University

My participation in the BIRS workshop impacted my research in the way that discussions and feedback from my talk helped me understand things around my research much better. I have also learned a few fresh ideas on the cohomology of moduli spaces, as well as gained a much better understanding of their relation to integrable systems.

Alexander Voronov Professor
School of Mathematics, University of Minnesota