Mathematical tools for evolutionary systems biology

Videos from BIRS Workshop 13w5080

, New York University
- 12:36
Using high-dimensional yeast-cell phenotyping to screen for polymorphisms influencing trait variability
Watch video | Download video: 201305281208-GeilerSamerotte.mp4 (75M)
, Tel Aviv University
- 18:15
Design principles of altruistic behavior
Watch video | Download video: 201305281750-BenZion.mp4 (76M)
, University of Arizona
- 10:43
Robustness and evolvability
Watch video | Download video: 201305291012-Masel.mp4 (85M)
, Duke University
- 11:43
Marching to the cell-cycle drum beat: Entrainment of a synthetic oscillator in budding yeast
Watch video | Download video: 201305291111-Buchler.mp4 (106M)
, Sloan Kettering
- 12:44
Convergent evolution of hyperswarming in experimental bacterial populations
Watch video | Download video: 201305291218-Xavier.mp4 (81M)
, University of California Santa Barbara
- 09:18
Stochastic Simulation Service: Towards an Integrated Development Environment for Modeling and Simulation of Biological Processes
Watch video | Download video: 201305300840-Petzold.mp4 (102M)
, University of Pittsburgh
- 09:52
Energy Lasso: Combining Rule-Based Modeling and Bayesian Parameter Estimation to Infer Biochemical Mechanisms
Watch video | Download video: 201305300918-Faeder.mp4 (111M)
, University of Wisconsin
- 11:05
Why use a modeling language: a view from optimization
Watch video | Download video: 201305301028-Ferris.mp4 (143M)
, University of Wisconsin-Madison
- 09:34
Lazy Updating increases the speed of stochastic simulations
Watch video | Download video: 201305310913-Ehlert.mp4 (82M)