Uncovering Transport Barriers in Geophysical Flows (13w5089)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, September 22 and departing Friday September 27, 2013


(ETH Zurich)

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

(University of Wisconsin)


The purpose of this workshop is to bring together pure and applied mathematicians, engineers, geoscientists and representatives from industry and government to pursue the common goals of (1) developing new methods for uncovering transport barriers in geophysical flows, and (2) determining how to make these methods amenable to real-world implementation.

As an initial focus, the workshop will assess the state-of-the-art of existing approaches. The participants will assess how well these approaches address current needs, determine their shortcomings, and identify existing cases of complementarity. Having done so, participants will then be charged with identifying the most important research tasks for the next two-to-three years. This may range from solving outstanding problems for existing techniques to developing completely new techniques.

This workshop is timely, coinciding with the Mathematics of Planet Earth initiative at BIRS and following several major environmental incidents for which improved mathematical models could have aided the operational response (e.g. Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Icelandic Volcanic ash cloud, Fukushima nuclear disaster). In the coming years, we anticipate that there will be many calls for research proposals related to these topics and this workshop will help focus their direction.