Participant Testimonials

May 12 - May 17, 2013

The meeting at BIRS last week was very well organised by Mark, Alan, Peter and Henri, as well as being academically really interesting and stimulating. I met up with some colleagues, made a number of new contacts and outlined some potential new collaborations. If any of these blossom into substantive pieces of work I will ensure that BIRS is both informed and acknowledged. In the meantime, very many thanks for the hospitality and facilities at the Banff Centre; altogether this made for a great week.

Michael Bonsall Zoology, University of Oxford

The BIRS workshop last week (Impact of Climate Change on Biological Invasions and Population Distributions) was excellent, and has already had a strong positive impact on my research program. During the workshop, as a result of ideas arising from talks I heard and discussions with colleagues, I have come up with a new set of approaches for one of my research questions, fresh insights into the work I am currently doing, and an associated research program for my upcoming PhD student, to arrive in September. I have also been invited to visit one of the workshop participants in Oxford next summer, and have set up a new research collaboration with two other participants. The latter will hopefully result in a publication.

Rebecca Tyson Mathematical Sciences, University of British Columbia Okanagan

This workshop is great. I definitely learned a lot from high-quality talks and excellent participants.

Hao Wang Assistant Professor
Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta

The workshop organized by Mark Lewis et al is wonderful: Worldwide active leading researchers get together to discuss the topics, I've learned a lot from many of the participants and their talks and discussion. Guess that others at the international level also got to know what I have been doing. It's great! I am thinking of organizing some workshop in the coming competition.

Huaiping Zhu Mathematics & Statistics, York University (Canada)