The role of oceans in climate uncertainty (13w5104)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, October 6 and departing Friday October 11, 2013


Montserrat Fuentes (North Carolina State University)

(Norwegian Computing Center)

(University of Chicago)


The workshop is intended to be a forum for interaction between statisticians, stochasticists, climate modelers, ocean observers and data assimilators. The goal is to develop observation strategies and design computer experiments to better understand the model and data uncertainties that relate directly to oceans and ocean-related feedback mechanisms. The timing is good in that the studies that form the basis for the fifth assessment report of the IPCC are expected to be finished before the workshop.

The format of the workshop will be as follows. Every day we will have two lectures, with prepared discussants and then a general discussion. In addition we will have working groups who summarize the current state of affairs, develop research agendas for and work towards solutions of particular types of problems. We will also have poster sessions, to which all participants are encouraged to contribute. During the final day we will draft a comprehensive statement about what needs to be done in order to be able to answer scientifically and politically crucial questions relating to the role of oceans in climate.

In addition to the participants listed below, we will encourage young researchers and graduate students with interests on the interface between climate science and statistics/uncertainty quantification to participate in the workshop. The organizers also form the executive committee of the new NSF network on Statistical approaches in atmospheric and ocean sciences, and will utilize this network to recruit young researchers.