Participant Testimonials

Dec 01 - Dec 06, 2013

The BIRS workshop will have a significant impact in my research: several interesting ideas and insights were discussed and raised during the workshop that I intend to explore in the years to come. Moreover, we formed a working group during the workshop to discuss a particular subject in the area, and the result of this working group already led to a paper submission to an international workshop. As usual in this kind of events, I met new researchers in the area, some of whom I intend to collaborate in the future.

Manuel Alcino Cunha Departamento de Informática, Universidade do Minho

For me the main result of this conference was getting a chance to go through the formalisms that were being used by other practitioners in this space and relate them to my own. This forced me to put my current research into a more formal vocabulary, which exposed immediate connections to the work of other attendees.

Edward Kmett Software Engineering Lead
S&P Capital IQ, McGraw Hill Financial

The BIRS workshop I attended provided a superb opportunity to meet new colleagues and work collaboratively in a setting that allows, indeed encourages, intense concentration. During the workshop, a longstanding co-author and I were able nearly to complete an article that has been awaiting time for us to collaborate in person. Even more important for me was the chance to meet in person a number of researchers whose research I have been following closely. More generally, the workshop allowed researchers from the several subareas of the rapidly developing Bidirectional Transformations community to get an up-to-date overview of the whole subject. Extremely valuable for everyone involved and for the subject.

Robert Rosebrugh Professor
Mathematics and Computer SCience, Mount Allison University