Selective transport through biological and bio-mimetic nano-channels: mathematical modeling meets experiments

Videos from BIRS Workshop 13w5135

, UC Irvine
- 10:52
Super-resolution by feedback imaging: Mechanisms of translocation through the nuclear pore complex
Watch video | Download video: 201301211001-Gratton.mp4 (140M)
, Bar-Ilan University
- 11:59
Effect of charge, hydrophobicity and Nup sequence on translocation through the NPC
Watch video | Download video: 201301211108-Rabin.mp4 (126M)
, Tufts University
- 11:17
Polymeric Nanopore Membranes for Hydrophobicity-Based Separations by Conformal Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition
Watch video | Download video: 201301241011-Asatekin.mp4 (173M)