Participant Testimonials

Oct 13 - Oct 18, 2013

I think this workshop was very exciting; it brought together people looking at Whittaker functions from many different points of view.

Solomon Friedberg James P. McIntyre Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics, Boston College

The workshop was a very useful continuation of a previous one this year at ICERM, by helping keep up the momentum in this area. I had the chance to present my work in a talk. I continued to learn several interesting things - I appreciate that the organizers took into account the topics on which I wanted to hear presentations. It was a good occasion to meet my collaborator, Anne Schilling, and continue a project with her.

Cristian Lenart Professor
Mathematics and Statistics, SUNY Albany

I was not so familiar with WMDS (Weyl group multiple Dirichlet series) before this workshop, and this program was particularly useful to learn the basic concept and techniques on this subject! It contributes for me to find connections to the theory of prehomogeneous vector space, which is my research topic. There are lots of time to talk freely, and such informal discussions were helpful also. In addition, my collaborator and I made a good progress on our joint project, which was invaluable.

Takashi Taniguchi Department of Mathematics, Graduate School of Science, Kobe University

My participation in the BIRS workshop impacted my current research in many ways. I enjoyed all talks in this workshop and got some new fresh insight.

Lei Zhang Math Department, Boston College