Participant Testimonials

Jun 22 - Jun 27, 2014

The BIRS worksop was perfect for me as it covered very recent topics in the field presented by top scientists and gave the opportunity for connections and ideas for new research projects. It's an invaluable opportunity for my work. I also think the format with longer talks than usual and long breaks is very good, giving more chance to understand the concepts presented and discuss them with the speakers after the talks.

Laurent Briollais Prosserman Centre for Health Research, Samuel Lunenfeld Research Inst.

I have been a net benefiter of the recent workshop. More specifically, I had a research problem or consulting problem that I did not know the corresponding literature. I presented my thoughts and received a lot of feedback from other participants. I am confident that I am now in much better position to address the statistical problem that arose from the applications. The workshop also helped me to keep up with the latest developments. Genomics are only a small portion of my research interest. I cannot afford to spend a lot of my time in all details. Thus, the platform of BIRS workshop is most cost effective of my time.

Jiahua Chen Statistics, University of British Columbia

The statistical genetics workshop at BIRS was fantastic, providing a relaxed atmosphere for scientific discussions, seeing long-time colleagues, and meeting members of our research community whose work I have read in journals. The discussions at the workshop supplied new ideas for my research, and opened opportunities for collaborations. A great experience that is hard to replicate in other scientific meetings.

Dan Schaid Professor
Health Sciences Research, Mayo Clinic