Participant Testimonials

Feb 02 - Feb 07, 2014

My participation had remarkable impact on my research and I had stimulating discussions about problems I currently working on or thinking about with some of the experts in the field or related fields. There are also prospect of some collaboration on future papers with some of the workshop participants.

Kiumars Kaveh Assistant Prof.
Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh

I participated in a so-called half workshop, but the partner conference was very close to our own subject. In particular, the participants of both workshop new each other well. This made it possible to create some interaction between both workshops, including joint talks. I liked this idea a lot. It gave us the opportunity to look at related subjects, too. The atmosphere at Banff was really nice and stimulating. I was glad that I was able to visit this place again.

Klaus Altmann Institut fuer Mathematik, Freie Universitat Berlin

I very much appreciated my participation in the BIRS workshop. It has been a great opportunity to meet experts in a field which is very close to my current research interests, especially mathematicians from the US, Canada or Russia, which seldom visit my home country. The talks by Kiumars Kaveh, Valentina Kiritchenko, Nicolas Perrin, and Evgeny Smirnov were especially interesting for me, as well as subsequent discussions on their recent results. I also had stimulating discussions with Jochen Kuttler about my latest work, and I established new contacts with several junior mathematicians including Izzet Coskun, Chris Manon, Henrik Seppänen. The workshop had a very significant impact in the development of the theory of Newton-Okounkov bodies, a currently very active topic with experts scattered in many countries. It also had (at a smaller scale) consequences on my own research, by showing which lines of investigation would be of interest in this theory.

Michel Brion Dr.
Institut Fourier, Université de Grenoble