Participant Testimonials

Feb 02 - Feb 07, 2014

It was a very intense and POSITIVE week. The conference was very interesting, the participants were all very motivated, the conference room and all facilities were very comfortable and and everything needed was there. The location was incredible, I hiked a little bit whenever I had time, I just regret I did not have more time to relax in this incredible place. My deepest thanks to the organizers and to BIRS and Banff Centre staff.

Ernesto Carlo Mistretta Dipartimento di Matematica, University of Padova

Some of the talks were very inspiring, and they will certainly have an impact on my current and future research. During the conference I started some new research projects with people at the conference. I wouldn't have started these joint research projects otherwise. The scientific organization and the BIRS accommodation and organization were truly great. The BIRS hospitality and organization were simply perfect.

Giuseppe Pareschi Professor
Mathematics, Universita di Roma, Tor Vergata

My participation in the BIRS workshop did impact my current research on toric vector bundles. Specifically, time spend with my collaborators at BIRS lead to new discoveries and results. Feedback from our presentations also lead to new insights. Although it is too soon to be sure, some conversations from the workshop may develop into new research projects and new collaborations.

Gregory Smith Mathematics & Statistics, Queen's University

The workshop was a great moment to discuss research with people in my field. Me and my coauthors have had good feedback and ideas. It was also a good occasion to meet people that I would have hardly met in person and discuss math in an intensive way. In particular the location is great and it stimulates a lot the scientific activity.

Stefano Urbinati Università degli Studi di Padova