Participant Testimonials

Jan 12 - Jan 17, 2014

This was a very impressive workshop that was directly relevant to my current research into the structure of string theory. I was particularly interested in the talks about the (2,0) supersymmetric string theory, which brought me up to date in a subject that would otherwise be difficult to come to grips with. The style of the workshop - its size, informality and schedule - together with the atmosphere at the Banff Center were ideal.

Michael Green Professor
DAMTP, Cambridge University

It was indeed an enormous pleasure for all of us to organise and participate in this workshop. We were able to attract outstanding speakers and this helped ensure the scientific quality of the meeting. This is my second time at Banff and, as before, I'm amazed at the efficient way in which BIRS functions (not to mention the recent addition of a superb, almost magical, video-recording facility!).

Sunil Mukhi Indian Institute of Science Education and Research

The workshop was just fantastic in every possible way!

Bengt Nilsson Chalmers University of Technology

I was very happy to learn various new works on aspects of M-theory and related topics. To raise one example, I was able to grasp the idea of using 5D SYM theory to describe 6D (2,0) theory, its problem associated with the UV property of 5d SYM theory, the idea that the instanton modes may cire the problem. I was also able to meet and work directly with Stefano Kovacs who is on the other side of the earth (I am working in Japan and he is working in Ireland). This worked as a big stimulus to our project on the matrix model of M-theory. Stefano had gave a talk on a work with me, and I hope some participants get interested in the direction we have studied in the work.

Hidehiko Shimada Dr.
Okayama Institute for Quantum Physics

The participation in the workshop was extremally useful for me. During the talks and discussions I have got many new ideas and also answers to questions and issues I encountered with in the course of working on certain projects. Unexpected relations between a priori different topics have been revealed which may stimulate new projects and collaborations.

Dmitri Sorokin Professor
INFN Padova