Participant Testimonials

Mar 02 - Mar 07, 2014

Great facilities, excellent research environment, which gave me the opportunity to start and/or continue several collaborations. Thanks a lot.

Nicolas Chopin ENSAE

Great workshop. I've learnt so much that I left as a different person. Thank you so much.

Sylvia Fruhwirth-Schnatter Wirtschaftsuniversitat Wien, Austria

I truly enjoyed the last week tremendously! I put my impressions on my blog:

Christian Robert Ceremade - Université Paris-Dauphine

One of the best and most useful workshops I have attented so far!

Håvard Rue Mathematical Sciences, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Trondheim

I was one of very few PhD students to attend this BIRS workshop, and I was a little apprehensive that I would not know enough to be able to meaningfully contribute. I found that I was more than adequately prepared for a number of talks (those most related to my research) and less than adequately prepared for some others. This helped solidify in my mind what were the "hot-topic" areas of my field, and introduced me to many avenues for future research. The collaborative spirit that pervaded the workshop allowed me to have meaningful conversations with world-renowned researchers in my field. A few months ago I was struggling through a particular paper in connection with my research. At the BIRS workshop, I sat at lunch with the lead author and asked him my questions in person! To get to meet and discuss these exciting ideas with the best and brightest was a real privilege that I will long remember. I think that the relationships I forged in Banff may yield fruitful collaborations and/or post-doc/employment opportunities in the future.

Doug VanDerwerken Duke University