Participant Testimonials

Oct 19 - Oct 24, 2014

I thought the quality of the research was very high. This is a field where I used to be working; now I am more of an interested bystander. But at the workshop, I learned of a problem that I thought had been resolved and began thinking about it. Right now (a week later), I believe that I have a nice little publication, joint with two other participants at the workshop. I also made quite a bit of progress on a project with two of my other collaborators who were there, but that topic is a little off the main thrust of the workshop.

Ian Putnam Mathematics & Statistics, University of Victoria

I have had the chance to participate in great workshops and conferences in my field in recent years, but this workshop at BIRS stands out among them. Most of the speakers were young mathematicians and the majority were new to me (some are still PhD students). I was impressed by the quality of their work. I was delighted to see breakthroughs in my field and solutions to old problems (which I had tackled myself, but without success). The schedule of the workshop and the facilities offered by BIRS are congenial to discussions, giving the opportunity to know better these young participants and their work. I have started a research project with one of them. The workshop also gave me the opportunity to make some progress on another project with an experienced participant.

Jean Renault Mathematics, Universite d' Orleans