Computability, Analysis, and Geometry (15w5005)


(Princeton University)

Michael Yampolsky (University of Toronto)


The Banff International Research Station will host the "Computability, Analysis, and Geometry" workshop from March 8th to March 13th, 2015.

Computation and numerical simulation have become crucial tools in
dynamics, and in many branches of analysis. Their use is key to
understanding a wide range of phenomena ranging from planets’
movement, to climate patterns, to market dynamics. Various numerical
tools have been developed to help answer specific questions, such as
predicting the weather or planning the trajectory of a satellite.
However, while we have vast knowledge about the computability and
complexity of discrete problems, culminating in concepts such as
decidability and NP-completeness, computability theory of the
continuous world is only beginning to come into its own. Theory of
computation of analytic objects is an emerging field of mathematics
which has seen much exciting progress recently. Developing it is
important for understanding numerical and theoretical challenges in
modeling complex phenomena and systems. The aim of the
interdisciplinary workshop is to bring together the experts and top
young talent working on different aspects of theory of computation in
dynamics, analysis, and geometry. It will create a unique opportunity
at building new synthesis and identifying new directions within this
exciting emerging discipline.

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