Participant Testimonials

Aug 23 - Aug 28, 2015

The talks were very good. I learned of several significant advances at the workshop. The cozy atmosphere in BIRS lounge was very stimulating.

Boris Bukh Mathematical Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University

The conference was a gathering of excellent mathematicians. Some talks were about outstanding results. It also was a very creative environment. It looks that we made some steps in our research project with my co-authors.

Alexandr Kostochka Mathematics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

This conference is run at the highest possible level. The surrounding and the organization at BIRS are impeccable. Congratulation for a job done perfectly.

Nathan Linial School of Computer Science and Engineering, Hebrew University

It was great to learn first-hand of some recent advances and break-throughs in extremal combinatorics. Also, I learned some new methods that may be useful in my research.

Oleg Pikhurko Mathematics, University of Warwick

I think the workshop was extremely useful for my current research. There was many very interesting result presented, large number of which I did not know before. I learn from the presentations some powerful new techniques and exciting problems. Also during the workshop I talked a lot with my collaborators D. Conlon and J. Fox and we made a good progress on our ongoing project on quasi-randomness properties of graphs

Benny Sudakov Department of Mathematics, ETH