Participant Testimonials

Oct 25 - Oct 30, 2015

Excellent for every aspect (workshop venue, quality of the research program, networking opportunities, staff, communication...)! Thanks a lot for supporting such great initiatives!

Carole Bernard Finance, Grenoble Ecole de Management

Very interesting workshop.

Jan Dhaene AFI, Katholieke Universiteit

This was the best workshop that I have attended in many years. In part this was due to the single focus and the limited number of attendees. Moreover, the success is also due to the warm staff at the conference site in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Edward (Jed) Frees Actuarial Science, Risk Managment and Insurance, University of Wisconsin- Madison

Great idea. Great execution. You gather a group of experts from around the world. Bring them to a lovely (and isolated) location for a week and have them present their research work with no distractions -- which then generates quality and detailed feedback from colleagues. You meet to collaborators and are inspired to work on new projects. Indeed, this was time very well spent and I would definitely consider doing this again.

Moshe Milevsky York University

The workshop has been very useful for my research activity. The style was "informal" and hence stimulating contacts among participants. A very successful initiative!

Ermanno Pitacco Professor
DEAMS, University of Trieste

The workshop is superb! I got to meet with and talk to many excellent researchers in the area and this increases the chance of collaboration with them. Thanks very much for making this happen!

Jiaodong Ren Western University