Participant Testimonials

Apr 26 - May 01, 2015

This workshop in BIRS has been a unique and inspiring experience. And I think it had both to do with the quality of the science discussed there and with the environment in which the discussions took place. The BIRS team really created a great atmosphere for work and thought. I really want to express you my gratitude for this wonderful week of exciting scientific exchanges.

Hugo Bellenger Department of Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere-Land Processes Research, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science & Technology

This is one of the best workshops I have attended over the last 25 years! It has the right balance and diversity of the expertise among the participants. The combination of presentations and breakout discussion groups allows for in-depth discussions on tropical convection and multiscale interaction, and how best to observe and predict them. I have established a few new collaborations with other participants on stochastic modeling, whom I won't have meet otherwise. The relaxing atmosphere at the Banff Center certainly contributed to the productive week we had. Thank you!

Shuyi Chen Professor
RSMAS, University of Miami

The workshop was a valuable experience for our research activities on the MJO. It provided opportunities to learn about the latest work going on internationally and to make contacts with new scientists.

Richard Johnson Atmospheric Science, Colorado State U.

I have now been to three BIRS workshops and every one of them has been a very rewarding experience both scientifically and personally. The Banff Centre itself is a very inspiring venue, and each workshop has been superbly organized by BIRS. The combination of excellent talks and the discussion sessions comprising the most recent workshop fulfilled their intent of breaking new ground, and I thank the organizers, Boualem Khouider, Andy Majda and Chidong Zhang for the opportunity to join in this highly productive meeting.

George Kiladis Physical Sciences Division, Earth System Research Laboratory, National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration

Participation in the BIRS workshop has substantial impact on my current research. We got fresh ideas and new insights from the group discussion of various working groups. I also got to know and came in contact with some experts in the field and their work which will be much helpful for my future research. There is significant possibility of new papers originating from the interactions that we have during the workshop. The workshop will indeed help me in better designing my research work and which in a way will help in my research career.

Parthasarathi Mukhopadhyay Indian Inst. Trop. Meteoro.

The workshop at BIRS was a great experience and a great time. The meeting was well organized with a combination of presentations, breakout discussion groups and some time off for informal discussions. I had the opportunity to learn about very significant recent work on my research topic and to have valuable discussions with field experts. This was a very productive week but felt like fun thanks to the relaxing atmosphere created by both the organizing team and the Banff center. Thank you for this opportunity.

Sulian Thual Courant Institute NYU

This is my third time participating in BIRS workshops and the second time helping organize them. Each time it was better than before. The worry-free accommodation, dinning service, and meeting facilities, plus the unbeatable ambience, make BIRS my most favorite meeting location. This time our workshop was designed to bring together people working on similar problems from different angles: observations, numerical modeling, and theories. Constant interactions in and out of the meeting rooms - in the dining hall and evening club, and on the hiking trails, through the week provided much more chances for the participants to know each other and to engage in deep conversations than at regular conferences where people run between parallel sessions. The workshop gave me ideas of how my current research should be improved and help me find potential new collaborators. I would not hesitate to participate in or help organize BIRS workshops in the future. And I highly recommend BIRS to anyone who has never had a chance to experience its wonderful conference facilities.

Chidong Zhang Professor
MPO, University of Miami