Lifting Problems and Galois Theory (15w5035)

Arriving in Banff, Alberta Sunday, August 16 and departing Friday August 21, 2015


(University of Iowa)

(University of Pennsylvania)

(University of Virginia)

(Colorado State University)


The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers and advanced Ph.D. students working on Galois theory in order to advance this field. The lifting problems for curves which will be the focus of the workshop have been a central topic in algebraic geometry since the work of Grothendieck, Deligne and Mumford and others on etale fundamental groups and moduli spaces of curves. The subject is undergoing rapid change due to the introduction of new techniques, as in the proof of the Oort conjecture. This proposal is timely because Chinburg and Obus are P.I.'s of a Focused Research Group award from the N.S.F. on this theme, which includes as one goal organizing a conference of this kind in 2015. (The other P.I's on this FRG grants are Robert Guralnick, David Harbater, and Florian Pop.)