Participant Testimonials

Jan 18 - Jan 23, 2015

The seminars were important for new insights in the area. The workshop was the occasion for new contacts and ideas which will almost certainly lead to a new collaboration.

Anna Maria Cherubini Dr.
Department of Mathematics, University of Salento, Italy

Let me first of all say that I enjoyed every minute of the workshop. I feel that I not only have new scientific contacts but that I now have new personal friends. During the "open problem" - session, I raised a question and conjectured an answer, but it turned out that my question was answered in the negative - by two counter- examples in fact. One counter-example is based on an example which H Furstenberg constructed in a paper from 1961 in a slightly different context, and that this example, which was known to one or two of the participants of the workshop, could be used to construct a counterexample to my conjecture they also saw. The other counter-example was constructed by A Quas during the workshop. Both examples are of course of great value to me when trying to find necessary and sufficient conditions for unique invariant probability measures for random dynamical systems. The talks during the workshop were very illuminating and in my opinion of very high standard. They certainly gave me a lot of new insights. But what was of even more value to me was the new personal relations I got during the conference. I am sure these will lead to further scientific exchange. What I also think was very nice with this workshop was the balance in age, a fine mixture between young researchers, middle aged scientists and senior scientists. Let me finish by saying that I feel lucky to have been invited to this wonderful place and to a great workshop.

Thomas Kaijser Linköping University

I like the style of this workshop, which balanced the talks and discussions very well. There are plenty time to discuss with experts on many different issues. Great job! Many thanks to the organizers!

Zeng Lian department of mathematical science, Loughborough University

The workshop did help my research, I learnt of overlaps and extensions of my work on statistical properties of random dynamical systems coming from the work of Charlene Kalle and collaborators. The talks on SDE also suggested new research directions for me. It was an excellent workshop.

Matthew Nicol Mathematics, University of Houston

The theme of this workshop overlaps with big part of my own research. Many of participants;s talks in this workshop provided very interesting new results and open problems/questions which promise to lead to new research projects. The meeting provided me with the opportunity to establish clear steps in a research project started with a previous collaborator. I am a research fellow. In this workshop I found about some very good open permanent job positions, which I will apply for.

Dalia Terhesiu Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna