Participant Testimonials

Jun 07 - Jun 12, 2015

This was an outstanding meeting that brought together two distinct groups of researchers studying RNA binding protein structure and function: structural biologists generating structural and dynamical models at atomic resolution and genomics experts creating detailed analyses of the locations of binding and function of RNA binding proteins across the genome and transcriptome. These two groups had much to share with each other and my view of this field and where our work might fit in was transformed by the experience. And the venue is truly inspiring as well!

Manny Ares Professor
Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz

This definitively was a great meeting that benefited my research. I set up at least two collaborations and promoted my work, in addition to many new connections that I have established.

Jernej Murn Department of Cell Biology, Boston Children's Hospital / Harvard Medical School

This has been one of the best meetings I have been to, and a very good reminder of why I love doing science. The talks were excellent. Further, the focused format of the meeting, the excellent selection of the speakers and program design have contributed to create the right climate for a friendly but very in-depth discussion, with many ideas flying around. This has been a great meeting for me and I take much home.

Andres Ramos Structural and Molecular Biology, University College London

This was one of the best meetings I have ever attended. It is an excellent idea bringing together researchers from different methods and communities that do normally not meet in a small focussed workshop. The talks were excellent, with ample time for discussions that were stimulating and inspiring.

Michael Sattler Helmholtz Zentrum München/ TU München