Participant Testimonials

Feb 15 - Feb 20, 2015

The workshop was well organized and some talks on new numerical methods had impact on my current research.

Marina Chugunova Institute of Mathematical Science, Claremont Graduate University

This was a great workshop! It contained both theoretical and numerical aspects of mass transport and it was very stimulating. I met new people working on problems related to my research. In particular, I met Merigot, Tiberth, Carlier, and Levy doing great work on the numerical solution of the reflector problem. I believe some of their work can be extended to solve numerically the refractor problem that would permit lens design. Hopefully I will continue to be in touch with these people to do some work in this direction. I also was happy to hear from several people in the numerical group of Benamou and Brenier that they liked and used very much my book on the Monge Ampere equation! Several times after attending workshops I had the feeling I had wasted most of my time. It was not the case at all with this workshop, it was a great working week where I learned many things.

Cristian Gutierrez Mathematics, Temple University